Redesigning a classic to be responsive

This project marks the third e-commerce web design we've provided. Why so many? Because with each new design the site's performance has gotten better and better.


It all started when...

Alpaca Golf Sweaters have been a longtime client of ours. Their business has grown and changed a lot over the years and it's been our goal to provide them with a website that grows and changes with them. 

This design welcomed in responsive web design to Alpaca Golf, but we didn't stop there. The site sets out to tell unique stories through the "Our Retro Style" and "Quality Alpaca" pages. These pages have really succeeded in supporting sales site-wide. It just goes to show that combining unique messages with attractive visuals really makes an impact.



The website's purpose is to sell high-end alpaca sweaters to an older, male demographic. We kept this in mind as we approached the website's usability and readability. Site elements needed to be easily recognizable and easy to use. You can see this reflected in the large product images and clean text areas. We also wanted to captivate users and show them the sweaters in use. We made lifestyle graphics a central part of the design site-wide. The results are impressive and the conversion rate backs that up.



This ecommerce site has it all. Complete with integrated email marketing, product reviews, story-telling pages and a custom support page. The challenge here was to keep things simple without sacrificing engagement. We did this through deep customer research into what users would find useful. We then ditched all those things that didn't match up. This makes the site very targeted and easy-to-use.



Responsive really is the way to go - especially in ecommerce. Having such a sophisticated design made this project all the more challenging to take responsive, however we were up to the task. Everything from product selection,to checkout and help information is completely responsive. The end result is a great looking website on across devices. 



Imagine a customer service page that actually provides some service, what an interesting idea. This is exactly what we did for Alpaca Golf's customer service page. We segmented the page into four of the most common pain points that users have. This enables users to more quickly find answers (and here's the key) without making them contact or call the support staff. We've seen this improvement reduce the number of help requests received and improved conversions prior to its creation. That's the type of service we provide.