Redesigning a knitting website, one cross stitch at a time - Hazel Knits

As you stroll around the internet, whether visiting specific places or just idly wandering, how often do you come across a website which is full of thoroughly professional and skillfully created content? Yet, something is missing. It has no real heart. It’s like talking to a robot rather than a human.

Here at Striking Alchemy, we work with our clients to make sure their responsive web design seems to beat to the rhythm of the way they like to do business. This may be because we're "Yinzers" and that’s just the way we are. However, we suspect that this may be a fairly universal truth.


Take Wendee Shulsen, the owner of Hazel Knits, over in Seattle. Now, we soon discovered that Wendee is passionate about yarns. Pay a visit to and discover what they can do for you! As we designed the new website, we wanted to match this excitement with the product, making use of the warm, rich and bright colors offered. Our team had a variety of personal favorites, from the deep burgundy of Vamp to the sublime yellow-orange of Saffron.

See? We couldn’t help but become involved, and that’s what any website has got to strive for. Otherwise, viable and valuable information can exist in a sort of “so what” vacuum, where nothing’s going to happen.


Wendee was kind enough to let us know that the new website was popular with both new customers and welcome returnees:

We are absolutely thrilled with our new website designed by Striking Alchemy. We just tipped into our 8th year in business, starting with Etsy, then moving through a few templatized websites and it was finally time to turn the project over to someone who could really make our products sing. Right from the start, I was confident that Nick had a firm grasp on the clean lines and organization we wanted to present. The process was smooth due to their great on-line collaboration and they were quick to implement our quirky little changes as well as add some thoughtful and fun design elements of their own. We have already received many compliments on the look and ease of use of our re-designed site – new and long-time customers are delighted.

Hiring a developer to build a website can be a daunting task, however you’re in good hands with Striking Alchemy. Highly recommended!
— Wendee, Hazel Knits


We have the technological tools to create stunning web designs and a team that’s completely committed to doing so. But it’s you, our potential customer, who takes us into the heart of what you are about, are trying to achieve, want the world to understand.

Only then has the alchemy truly struck...

Striking Alchemy