First Amendment Tees is all about the personality

Fat-Tees is a long time client. Now in our second iteration of their ecommerce website, they are rolling our more tees than ever before.


We've got some t-shirt selling experience

We've worked with FAT-Tess for years and it's a relationship that's only gotten stronger as time has gone on. This project was unique in that we need a website that combined retail sales of pre-made products and a custom product design feature which enables users to create & design their products.

The FAT-Tee branding was already good when we started the site, we simply took a fresh approach and pushed it to the next level in recognition & appeal. Our goal was to design a look & feel with some attitude. Something that's "in your face" but not in a disturbing or distracting way. 

It was critical to FAT-Tee that their new e-commerce site engages visitors and leverage their current social media efforts. We don't just stick a "Like" button on a site and call it a day. We integrated their social media accounts into the very functionality of the site.