Looking to give their ecommerce site a refresh

Hazel Knits reached out to us to give their ecommerce site a refresh. After years of customizations and template tweaks, it was time for a new look. They were also expanding their offering into providing downloadable patterns and need a custom page to offer these inside it's own unique category structure. Our goal was to reinvent this website as a clean, easy to use ecommerce site.


The challenge here was with the inventory structure. Hazel Knits offers yarn that's both from their inventory or dyed-to-order. Both options need to be available for purchase, but only the in-stock products can pull from inventory. Additionally, they didn't want people to be able to order a color once its inventory was deleted. The ecommerce platform had to know this automatically and disable purchase when appropriate. This also had to happen when someone shopped on their mobile app. We made all of this happen. The final design brought the updated web design that they were looking for. Customers shared how much they liked the new site and found it easier to use and purchase from. This site remains one of our favorites because of its clean design that truly matches with the handcrafted nature of knit goods.



In designing the new website, we wanted to match this excitement with the product. To making use of the warm, rich and bright colors offered we drew inspiration from the dye colors that Hazel Knit offers. Everyone seemed to have their own favorites, from the deep burgundy of Vamp to the sublime yellow-orange of Saffron. We couldn’t help but become passionate about the yarn. It's such a hands-on good that we wanted those same elements to be seen in the site design. To achieve this, we created a lot of art for the site, rather than using images of actual item. This brought a hand-drawn component to the site that visitors seemed to really like.



The goal of the website is to sell yarn. It's an ecommerce website and it's important not to lose sight of the ultimate goal - conversions. So we brought a fresh approach to the product pages. By making the product images much larger and segmenting the screen, the products popped so much more. By going from a brown background to a pure white background made the yarn colors appear brighter, richer, and deeper. We introduced help text, to explain the difference between in-stock yarn and those that required dying. And finally, we created custom add-to-cart buttons that stood out from everything else on the page - because it's about the conversions.



Any time you have a mobile version of your ecommerce store (not responsive, but instead a separate version fur for mobile) you need to make sure that functions just was well as the desktop version. With Hazel Knit's mobile app, we had to get the same functionality to work on a mobile device. No small task, but certainly one that our developers were up to. Now inventory automatically calculates and adjusts on mobile and the right product options are presented to the mobile visitor.

We are absolutely thrilled with our new website designed by Striking Alchemy. We just tipped into our 8th year in business, starting with Etsy, then moving through a few templatized websites and it was finally time to turn the project over to someone who could really make our products sing. Right from the start, I was confident that Nick had a firm grasp on the clean lines and organization we wanted to present. The process was smooth due to their great on-line collaboration and they were quick to implement our quirky little changes as well as add some thoughtful and fun design elements of their own. We have already received many compliments on the look and ease of use of our re-designed site – new and long-time customers are delighted.

Hiring a developer to build a website can be a daunting task, however you’re in good hands with Striking Alchemy. Highly recommended!
— Wendee Shulsen, Hazel Knits