Creating a "Legend" that informs, engages, and sells

Legend-Tees out of Winston-Salem, NC are exactly the kind of client we love working with. They had an idea. To start a graphic tee label that focuses on the iconic landmarks across the country. Their passion and knowledge of these regional landmarks was infectious. They had a great plan for the t-shirts that they were going to print, the only problem was that they had no website, no branding, and no ecommerce systems. That's where we came in.


We started with establishing their brand. The goal was to make "Legend Tees" a mark that represented that "Route 66" lifestyle - experiencing America, one highway at a time. The audience was primarily guys. Men in there 30's through 60's who are active hikers, bikers, & drivers. The brand had to connect with them and bring about a vintage Americana feel.



The final mark ended up being the culmination of a number of elements. It has a route logo, script name mark, tagline, and brand messaging. The trick was in fitting all of these pieces together, and keeping the logo from feeling cluttered or overly complicated.



The website had to do a lot of things, and the first thing was attractively display the products. In this case, it was the t-shirts. We featured tees across the design, both in category banners and in page banners. This always keeps the user's attention on the product itself. Next, was to try and place users in these regional locations through the use of captivating image backgrounds. For the site fonts, we went in a non-traditional route with a font combination that's rigged and complementary.



This site has all the bells and whistles of ecommerce functionality. Complete with integrated email marketing, social media, and product reviews. The challenge here was telling the story of each product category. We did this through custom category banners and regional images of each location. This makes each category feel unique and attracts the visitor who's looking for tees for this area. It's all about the conversion after all.



Due to the amount of content on the site, it made sense to make it responsive rather then run a mobile version. This simplifies content editing and displaying for both Legend Tees and their site visitors. Everything from product selection, to checkout is completely responsive. The end result is a great looking website on nearly every device. 



A great and interactive feature of the Legend Tees website was their custom t-shirt designer. A system that enable users to literally design their own t-shirts right on the Legend Tee site. To achieve this, we engaged our friends over at InkSoft, who specialize in this functionality. We've worked with them on a number of projects and seamlessly integrated them into this ecommerce site. 



Since Legend Tees was just starting out as a company, they didn't have much in the way of content. They needed someone to articulate their story for them, and that's exactly what we did. Our content writers worked with the guys at Legend, to distill down what they were trying to achieve with the business and write content that would inform and engage users. It was also critical from a business standpoint to establish corporate policies. We helped them author procedures based on industry best-practices and our own ecommerce experience.

The site action is picking up, I don’t know what you guys did, but we are coming up high on searches, we appreciate it!!
— mike, legend-tees inc.