From a broken wordpress site, to a complete ecommerce platform

reCAP Mason Jars came to us in need of unique branding and a feature rich e-commerce website. We set out to first to create them a visually striking brand, then a brand new e-commerce website. The functionality of the website was quite complex and in the end, the features of the website really set it apart.



The goal was to create a signature look and style that illustrates the usefulness of resealable caps for mason jars and showcases all of their possibilities. Stylistically, we wanted something that felt early-american and an old-fashioned way of doing things in a new generation. They had a logo that they were using, but it just didn't feel quite right.



in Need an upgrade

Mason Jars really needed a complete ecommerce platform, capable of selling products, managing customers, and establishing an educational resource for all things mason jars. Their current website was a WordPress site, so full of issues and lacking any real design. What we created was a website that brought a lot of complex products, customers, and functionality together into one system. 



A key challenge in this project was to develop a single website that could service both retail & wholesale ecommerce. Each segment had unique products, pricing, and customers. Retail customers needed to have easy access to product and information, while being able to checkout quickly. Wholesale customers needed to have an application process, review & approval, pricing discounts, account history, and order communications. An extremely complex project, with lots of variables and moving pieces.



Mason Jars had a very unique product that people were getting very excited about. More and more people where searching for them and trying to find where they could buy them. So one of the features we built into the website, was a "Find a Store" feature. Visitors could enter their zip code to find a near by location of a store carrying these items. Each store would be listed on the map, and users could even get directions right to their location. This feature truly made a huge impact in not only supporting their wholesalers, but also strengthening product engagement with their retail customers as well.



Customer engagement and retention is a huge part of a successful ecommerce business. One way that we helped Mason Jars stay engaged with their customers was through the use of email marketing pieces. We setup them up on an email marketing system and custom designed for them email templates that they can use themselves going forward. It's wonderful when you can give people the tools to take their business to next level like Mason Jars did.


Video art direction, storyboarding and conception. Videography by Ferralli Studios

Check out It’s has a great color scheme, stellar CTAs, and awesomely simple layout.
— Katey Ferenzi, BigCommerce