Positioning the world's finest alpaca apparel retailer with branding & website design

Inca Brands came to us needing an updated e-commerce platform to continue to grow their business. We worked with them to create a new retail brand, designed and developed with the best e-commerce tools.


Kim began designing quality alpaca products and accessories under the name Inca Fashions in 1999. Interest in alpaca continued to grow, and in 2011 it became clear that the brand needed a singular vision. We worked with them to focus on creating a retail fashion line committed to clothing of real quality, sustainability, and originality. In 2012 Sun Valley Alpaca Co. was created.

From years of working with Kim and her team, we knew that Sun Valley held a very special place on inspiration and lifestyle for the company.



Sun Valley Alpaca Co. designs and sells high-end, luxury alpaca apparel and the website design needed to convey the lifestyle of the Sun Valley region. For decades, Sun Valley has been a snowy retreat for movie stars. It is a place which the very name says so much. We created a design that made these characteristics it's own. The website feels like a vintage ski lodge right out of the 50's - and that's exactly what we were going for. 



The rock solid e-commerce platform highlights more than 50 categories, close to 300 different products, and thousands of product options. Organizing all of that inventory inside an ecommerce system is no small task, however our project managers handled it from beginning to end. Today, the website continues to manage all orders, customers, products, promotions, and content run on the website. Still running strong season after season. 



This was a website project where it made sense to run a mobile commerce application of the website. User's accessing the website via a mobile device are automatically served the mobile app. It provides the most optimized shopping experience.



The alpaca apparel industry is a very competitive one. There are a series of competitors all trying to reach top position in search results. Through our SEO campaigns, we've been able to achieve top rank for Sun Valley in a number of product categories. It's just another way we help support them after their website was launched.



Email marketing is an online retailer's bread and butter. It can make a retailer, or annoy the hell out of their customers. The key is to understand your demographic and what they find to be too much. When we took over email campaigns for Sun Valley Alpaca Co. their audience was saturated. We implemented a a scaled back email distribution strategy, with a renewed focus on quality over quantity. The results have been a steadily growing distribution list and additional customers retained annually.