Growing an ecommerce business, one sock at a time.

Warrior Alpaca Socks is a great company with fantastic socks. We worked with them on getting them setup on a complete ecommerce platform and web design that conveyed their brand message. The primary challenge for us was figuring out the best way to showcase all the different uses for their socks. With multiple style and colors it was important that people could easily find the right option for them.


start from scratch

What we did was to introduce a new product category structure to the site. This new structure, categorized products in two ways. First by sock height (ankle, crew, calf, and knee). The second was by use (athletic, casual, diabetic, dress, and work). This change made a massive improvement in conversions and search engine rankings. Now people who were looking for a specific style or use of sock, find Warrior Alpaca Socks.  


Our results

S.A. continues to do amazing things with our websites. We have been thrilled with the results their team has provided. We look forward to continuing to grow under their marketing and ecommerce direction.
— Kim, Warrior Alpaca socks


Warrior Alpaca Socks has a great brand message. Our goal was to carry the "Tap Your Inner Warrior" message throughout the web design. The artistic direction we took was a more rugged style and look. We also standardized the product image photography for consistency and product desirability. The homepage image banners we art directed to showcase the different styles and their uses.



The website has good sales for a number of years for the current design, but there was room for improvement. Specifically, we identified that a fresh design that focused on reducing the site's bounce rate would result in a substantial increase in website conversions. That's exactly what we saw. 



Socks are a very competitive segment of ecommerce. We were tasked with improving organic web traffic to the new website. The category improvements we made had a very positive impact on their rankings. Warrior Alpaca Socks saw keyword ranking improvement across the board and at the time of writing this, they hold the number one position for "alpaca socks."



We regularly design and execute email marketing campaigns for Warrior Alpaca Socks. These email communications are a critical element of their overall marketing program. These emails are designed to seamlessly integrate with the Warrior brand.